Driver Terms and Conditions

Updated on 10 June 2024 

This information is strictly confidential and must not be shared with clients.

  • Communication Protocol:

    • All communication must be conducted via the website until the hire is confirmed between the driver and the client.
    • Drivers are prohibited from offering, advertising, or suggesting any alternative forms of communication (e.g., email, telephone, WhatsApp, Facebook page, website link) until the hire is confirmed.
    • Drivers must not encourage clients to seek reviews on other websites, except for those drivers who have paid for Tripadvisor reviews to be displayed on their business listing.
  • Hire Confirmation:

    • A hire is considered confirmed when a booking number is provided. Once confirmed, drivers may share personal contact details and communicate with the client outside the website.
  • Commission Charges:

    • All hires confirmed through the website are subject to an 8% commission charge.
    • Drivers will receive a Email invoice in USD at the end of each month, with exchange rates based on the Central Bank of Sri Lanka rates.
    • Only completed hires will be invoiced, with the exception of cancellations due to the driver’s fault.
  • Cancellations:

    • Commission may be charged up to the full amount for hires canceled due to the driver’s fault. Examples include:
      • Failure to maintain acceptable communication levels post-confirmation.
      • Unavailability of a suitable driver or vehicle (excluding illness or breakdown).
      • Altering the agreed price post-confirmation.
    • Admin will review and decide on the individual circumstances of each case.
    • If the client cancels the hire, no commission will be invoiced. The driver must provide proof of cancellation via email if the client has not canceled the hire themselves, in the form of an email or WhatsApp conversation.
  • Monitoring and Compliance:

    • All communications are monitored by Admin. Non-compliance with terms and conditions will result in an initial warning, followed by further account restrictions for subsequent violations.
  • Review Submissions:

    • Drivers attempting to submit fake reviews will face the following consequences:
      • Removal of all previous reviews from the website.
      • Loss of access to offer quotes and receive reviews for one month.
  • Listing Requirements:

    • Only drivers with listings that include at least five high-quality photos, including at least one genuine vehicle photo and one driver photo, will be eligible to offer quotes.